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We are young family that decided to take over the mission and introduce traditional Lithuanian pastry Šakotis to wonderful Mallorca island. Inspired by it's significant history and special moments from our childhood we are happy to share love through this unique pastry.

Molí D'or pastelería is a small bakery located in a lovely town Andratx, surrounded by beautiful mountains of island Mallorca. The name of bakery means Golden Mill representing the warm golden colour of pastry and extraordinary cone shape. Also you can see a lot off mills in the island. Perfect match!

Un pastel Šakotis

       Šakotis is a layered pastry, baked in thin layers on a rotating spit by pouring the dough. A thin layer of dough is applied to the previous baked layer, which is baked by turning the spit until it acquires a warm golden shade. The cycle is repeated until the pastry reaches the desired diameter. When Šakotis is cut, a layered internal structure can be seen, reminiscent of the annual grooves of the tree, which is why the pastry in Germany was named Baumkuchen - "tree cake".

      The first book "Ein new Kochbuch" mentioned Baumkuchen's recipes, was written by professional chef Marx Rumpolt. Marx Rumpolt worked as Hungarian and Bohemian chef. From this publication written in 1581, the origin of Baumkuchen is derived.

         The pastries were baked by monks, and recipes were kept as a great secret. A total of about 60 recipes are known.

       Lithuanian Šakotis is a very special compared to the other worlds culinary heritage. It is a high branched hollow pastry. One of the most popular desserts for the special occasions with a shape of Christmas tree. This is an achievement of the Lithuanian nation, a culinary history. The peculiarity is in the appearance and taste. The long shelf life determines the demand of Šakotis in global market. This handmade delicacy is highly valued.

Check this beautiful video how Šakotis is baked

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